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When it's time to sell your business, it's not all about the money. Running and growing a business can be an exciting, profitable venture, especially in an industry you're passionate about. Whether you've celebrated extreme profitability or you'd just like to move on to your next entrepreneurial pursuit, Laska Company is your go-to M&A advisor. Representing the needs of the seller is highly important to our team: all client information is held to the strictest confidence, and confidentiality is required from all prospective buyers or investors to ensure seller protection.

Is It Time To Sell Your Business?

Choosing to sell all or a portion of your business is likely the most important decision in your company’s history, and it requires professional assistance to guarantee you receive the appropriate value for your business and experience a smooth transition. With over 30 years’ experience in business sales, mergers and acquisitions, private placement securities transactions, and hundreds of successful closings, Laska Company has the knowledge and experience to serve the needs of a business owner ready to sell. We have valuations down to a science and can support you through valuations, reviewing market conditions, and following best practices to maximize shareholder value.

Our experience allows us to represent a company in a way that highlights the value of the business as well as identifies the most qualified buyer. Our track record, trust-based relationships, and proven methods allow you to take the guesswork out of selling your business.

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You Can Depend on Our Team

Clients depend on Laska Company for the sale of their closely held corporation or sole proprietorship, mid-market merger, acquisition, or divestiture of assets. We're determined to guide you through a successful sale that not only satisfies your needs, but the buyer's needs as well. By choosing Laska Company, you can trust that your business will be well represented and you will experience a successful transaction.

Finding the Right Buyer

Our ability to conduct a search for a buyer means that our clients will receive inquiries from a large base of potential buyers who are well qualified to purchase a business. We have direct contact with thousands of private equity firms with large amounts of capital to invest. Once a buyer is identified, Laska Company will assist with all negotiations, ensuring that the acquisition process goes smoothly from the initial appointment to the closing of the transaction.

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Representing You

Determining the value of a business is an extremely important component of a sale. Laska Company has a broad range of experience and knowledge about the most accurate methods available for determining the value. By providing the seller with an accurate valuation, a larger number of possible buyers will be generated, and the odds that the seller will receive the asking price are increased.

Marketing Your Business

Complete marketing packages prepared by Laska Company serve as the main information source for those inquiring about a business. Our team understands what information buyers require to make a quick and accurate analysis. Our marketing packages include:

  • Overview of your company
  • Asset list with fair values
  • Current balance sheet
  • YTD income statement
  • Tax returns for three years
  • Property information
  • Copy of property lease
  • Staff list with salaries

Investing in advance planning for the sale of your business with Laska Company can help ensure that you reap the maximum return. Speak to our team today to learn how you can get qualified support in the sale of your business.

Business Valuation

For a free business evaluation and a no-obligation confidential discussion about the process of selling your business, please complete the form below. We will contact you right away. All communication is confidentiality.

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